Tattoo Flash: What is it and why?

Images that are drawn for the purpose of tattooing are referred to as flash. The most common displays of flash are found in any tattoo shop and usually consists of a sheet of several designs, often with a similar theme per sheet. The practice of drawing flash was developed early in the nineteenth-century era of tattooing by artists who wanted to show their customers what was available at their shop to have tattooed on them. There are many famous examples and many famous names attached to collections of flash, such as Bert Grimm, Stoney St. Clair, and Don Ed Hardy... to name a few. Flash has a unique place in the Tattoo Industry. Flash can be bought, collected and categorized by almost any theme.

We at Avalon Ink have a fine collection of flash each customer is welcome to look through; however most customers in this current era of tattooing prefer a self-imagined, completely customized piece. Often, when one is undecided or unsure of what image to render in their custom piece, flash is an excellent resource for the idea-creating process in determining what you want your tattoo to look like. There are many resources from which to find a basis of an idea for your tattoo besides flash, like the internet, which is limitless...all one has to do is Google an image of anything and you'll find endless references. At Avalon Ink our customers have all the internet access they want if image references are needed to render your custom design.


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