Custom Illustration

This being the age of customers desiring original, unique tattoos that are rarely seen on anyone else, your artists at Avalon Ink have a challenging mission to render your ideas and design into a fine art composition, in which your input is paramount.

   Your Avalon Ink artist will listen to your ideas, make suggestions, follow any source of reference and compose a design that will truly be uniquely yours. We then have the palette of hundreds of colors to choose from, then ultimately the final line drawing to be approved by you before stenciling and tattooing.

   We enjoy the challenges of taking a mere idea and transforming it into an amazing piece of body art; something you’ll treasure forever, as well as fondly remembering your tattoo experience with Avalon Ink.

   Not only do we utilize free-hand drawing, we can also use programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with which to compile reference images into a composite image to your specifications. We feel the customer will enjoy seeing his/her ideas being put into a complete image.



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