Photography is an art like no other, something that can capture a moment, and expression, a feeling; that can never be reproduced. Photography is becoming more and more digitalized every day though. At our studio we go back to the basics of what photography really is, and really means to people. We try to capture the best of every moment so that you can hold onto the memories.

Our fully functioning photography studio is equipped with flash soft boxes with wireless transmitters. We have ceiling mounted backdrops and also offer different Muslin backgrounds as well. Everything is state of the art and is wirelessly transmitted down stairs to our lab, so you are guaranteed to be able to see your photographs within minutes of ending your session.

Here at Avalon Ink we have our very own in house photography studio that  is run by Allie Gosselin of Turn-Key Studios to do shoots for clients, but we also use this studio to photograph your new tattoo from our talented tattoo artists. We also offer prints of your newly photographed tattoo conveniently located downstairs in our print shop, called Avalon Color.



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