Our Tattoo Studio

At Avalon Ink we pride ourselves in maintaining the hospital-sterile atmosphere required by Law for any New Hampshire Tattoo Studio and have passed all State inspections, the Certificates of which we proudly and prominently display on the walls of our shop. We will answer any and all questions of concern about the procedures of clean preparation and execution of your tattoo. We are not offended by any customer’s questions concerning health and safety…after all, it is important!

   The needles we use are single-use only per each customer. We buy them pre-sterilized and inspected, as can be seen on their packaging. After each use they are then placed in a medical waste container for proper disposal in accordance with federal and municipal health laws.

   The tubes and tips we use are either disposable (pre-sterilized) or stainless medical steel, which are scrubbed, placed in an ultrasonic cleaning cycle and autoclaved daily…all are single-use only. Our autoclave is of a top-quality medical grade and is cleaned and inspected in accordance with federal and municipal health laws. We keep meticulous records of our spore-testing to ensure sterile cleanliness for our customers.

Would you want to eat in a dirty restaurant or use a dirty bathroom? Of course not! Neither would we, so we strongly adhere to our insistence on maintaining a healthy and sterile New Hampshire Tattoo Shop, to make your tattoo experience a great one.

   At Avalon Ink our reference source is infinite! If you are not sure of what you want to have tattooed, you are welcome to explore our iPad Library of over 100,000 flash images, or you can search the internet on-site to find that image you’re thinking of. You can then print it out to discuss with your artist what you want to add, subtract or manipulate into the image. Your imagination is the only limitation!

   In addition to the modern computer references, we have many books and flash sheets, of many styles and subjects to browse through…and there is no shortage of tattoo magazines to check out…this often inspires a return visit!


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