Introducing TATTOO VANISH® - The World's FIRST, All Natural, Tattoo Removal Procedure.

Unlike other tattoo removal methods, Tattoo Vanish® is far less painful and expensive than LASER. While there are other non-LASER methods available, Tattoo Vanish® is the ONLY original ALL NATURAL (no acids, non-toxic) product and procedure available. Tattoo Vanish® now offers the safest medically sound alternative to LASER, surgical excision or dermabrasion. It is superior to other non-LASER removal methods. Tattoo Vanish® is the worlds’ FIRST proven ALL NATURAL product and procedure. Since Tattoo Vanish® is all natural it can be used for the following procedures: Tattoo Removal ... Removes all tattoo colors. All Natural ... Unlike LASER, once properly healed artist may tattoo on lightened area. Instead of cover-ups ... Use Tattoo Vanish® to lighten the tattooed area Can take the gray/black out that LASER may leave in skin Remove Permanent Makeup ... Safely removes pigments in sensitive areas where LASER cannot Permanent Makeup Correction ... Change or remove previous work






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